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What Is Android Api Customisation?

Android consulting services offers the tool and APIs needed to design applications on Android platforms. Because of its open development platform,

Android api customization gives the ability to make exceedingly rich and groundbreaking applications. Smartphones are the fastest flourishing segment of the cellular phone market. Companies are now just starting to value the benefits of getting a mobile presence. Android Application Development

envisions development of path-breaking and aggressive applications for mobile phone users. The Android operating system / software platform, designed by Open Handset Alliance and Google, is getting extremely popular. The Android coders and developers are at liberty to take advatage of the device

hardware, access location information, run background services, set alams, add up notices to the status bar and more. A Linux based open source operating system, Android, has JAVA library similar to SE. It is a robot or synthetic organism. The utilization of Android-based smartphones is flourishing, having more than 50,000 Android apps being currently developed. The Android cellular telephone market is growing at an exciting rate of thirty-two per cent each month, with new handsets being brought out all the time. Android is a cluster of software for smartphones and mobile devices which involve key applications. Android Developers can make a code which can control mobile devices.

Using Android as a developing platform for smart phones you can avail the services of CDMA, GSM, Bluetooth, EDGE, Wi-Fi, EV-DO and UMTS technology systems to send/receive data over mobile networks. Android application development has some terrific components such as instant data storage and its restoration, provides resource for every symbol, provides security and permission using id and tags of the users, notices and background services and user interface methods.

If you're considering the Android application development service and baffled in choosing the best Android programmer or Android developer, your best answer is Mindfire Solutions.

Having more than 10 years of experience in the software industry, Mindfire Solutions is an advanced IT development company which gives software development outsourcing and consulting services. They have a team of extremely skilled professionals and software developers who possess a good deal of expertise in developing several applications. Their engineers have processed a considerable number of international projects and technique to supervise and successfully finish them. They always give the highest quality, low-priced software products and always time bound. The services offered are:

Android API Customisation

Android Widget Development Services

Android Support & Maintenance Services

Android Product Development Services

Android Appwidget Development Services

Android Consulting Services

Android QA/Testing Services

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