Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Korean Samsung 1st Android Smart Mobile Phone Are Released

I7500U is not only Samsung`s first smart phone of Android system, but also the first system works launched by Korean series. 09 Winter, the World of A-One Pulse Oximeter ! It is sure that SAMSUNG successfully integrates its "i" series' style into this work, so it is clear to see different design language from European and American series' mobile. Teacher's Day Gift Ideas for 20 Somethings On this basis, I7500U also follows the Google phone's design strictly, so even the enthusiasts Android, it can get started easily.

Feafures: 1. taking high-quality photo with 5 million px, imaging quality is sharply distinct. 2. 8GB massive storage space, also could be extended to 40GB through micro SD. 3. 3.2 inches' AMOLED screen and the screen's effect makes an impressive start. 4. WCDMA high-speed 3G internet and WLAN wireless internet access. The field of keyboard under the screen and mobiles promoted recently by SAMSUNG both adopt the same design language. Meanwhile they both reserve Android system's return key and menu key. There is lock screen key on the side of body. For big-screen mobile, it is very practical and problem of touching wrongly can be solved. But only long time's pressing can unlock. This needs consumers to adapt. On top there is micro USB standard data/charge interface, also has 3.5mm earpiece socket, it is convenient for users to plug in their earpiece. The 5million pixels at the back have the flashing light. Furthermore, there is shutter key at the lateral side of body. Howev er, with reference to the functions, the parameter adaptable to user`s regulation is too few.

Samsung I7500U, as its first released Android phone, certainly attracts many players` attention. We think it not only expands SAMSUNG's smart phones' camp, in the meanwhile, Google mobilephone is added with some vitality. After all, when European and American series' mobilephones strongly advocate Android system terminal, it is a good thing that fresh elements appear. You would not take SAMSUNG I7500U as a Android cell phone when you first see it, because its appearance is very "Samsung", especially the function key area on the lower part of the screen is very similiar to several products Samsung released recently, it is clear that Samsung put its own design voice into this product very well.Of course, as I series of smart phones, it must be recognized the product attribute at first sight. We believe that it is the sleek body, chrome line, large keys and other elements that make SAMSUNG I7500U looks different. If compared with the standard Google phone, the key changes of SAMSUNG I7500U is not small, even has the MENU key and back key, the position changes have been made. At the same time, it cancels the key of search and adds a locked-screen key located in the side of the phone body, which is unlocked by the key of hang. We think this change is not unaccepted, yet it's good for new users to use it quickly. What's more, we appreciate the wide press key of this phone and it's comfortable to use, and the arrow keys and the key of sure in the center is very helpful to operate rapidly.

SAMSUNG I7500U can be said to be the most standards of Android phone, in addition to carrying the 1.5 version of the system, most of the functions with the same as G1 Google phone, but Samsung has not developed its own software, of course without prejudice to the user to download software to expand functionality. Consumer can play for a long time with function, such as Google map, electric market, Gmail, Google Talk, etc. And as to the design of the interface, SAMSUNG I7500U also totally followed the most standard Android system, you can use figure to switch among 3 sub-screens breadthwise.

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