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How To Make Android Ringtones For Free

Anyone who owns the android phone will know that it is an absolute beauty with loads of features and a great design that would appeal to almost anyone. If you are looking to get android ringtones added to your phone, you should know that this is a very simple process to go through. Not only can you get ready-made ring tones, however, but you can also create your own ones using music that is ready stored on your library as well.

In order to make your own ringtones you will certainly need a special app downloaded onto your phone. As such, go to the android market from your phone and access the different applications that are available.

Once you are in the market you can start looking around for the specific application you will require. This application is called ringroid, and it will allow you to cut together different songs so that you can create ringtones that are completely unique to you.

Once you have downloaded the application to your a ndroid phone you should then open it up and you can use it in order to select different portions of music that you can splice together in order to create the ringtones that you want. Open up the application and select the song that you want to use - you can use the search function on your phone in order to find specific songs if you are having trouble finding them and you have a large music library.
The application will now show you the sound waves of the song that you have selected within your music library. All you need to do is use the play button to play through the song and you can select the specific portion of the song or specific point of the song that you would like to use as part of your ring tone. Using the drag tools that are incorporated into the application you can move around the different parts of the different songs to create something unique.

Once you have finished marking the specific selection you can then simply use the save button in order to save the work you have done. After this you will be able to name the ring tone within the application and you will have options to either set the ring tone as your custom tone or as a default tone.

Using this application you are able to create entirely unique and free ringtones through the music that you already have in your library. There is absolutely no need to purchase any additi onal music, and you can simply cut and paste things together in order to create something that is applicable to you and no one else.

At the end of the day, why would you want to simply use another generic ring tone that someone else down the street might have on their fine when you can make something that is entirely specific to you? This application on your android phone will certainly allow you to do this.

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