Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

The Advantages Of Android Cell Phones

If you have not heard of Android cell phones, you are missing out on the very best of mobile technology. These mobile phones have features and capabilities that are far superior compared to regular cell phones. Once you experience using these phones, you will never go back to the conventional.

What are the disadvantages of using conventional mobile phones? One is the limited options for customization. You are restricted to default themes, and you can barely switch around pages to what better suits you. Another disadvantage is web compatibility. There are a lot of websites that you will be able to access on a PC, but not on conventional mobile phones. The last disadvantage is speed and efficiency. These outdated phones give you little options to multitask and make use of customized mobile applications. These disadvantages make them boring and frustrating to use.

With Android phones, it is no longer the same case. When it comes to mobile applications, any mobile app that you download from the Android market is compatible with these phones. This simply means that there is a lot of room for customization. You can now make the phone more your own.

When it comes to power, Android mobile phones come with power you never thought possible on mobile phones. They even rival the speed of some consumer electronics like smaller notebooks. This simply means that you get the power of laptops with these phones. With this much power and efficiency, it will be easy to multitask. You can run an assortment of mobile applications and the phone will never leave you hanging.

These Android phones are also capable of running all the websites that are run on PCs. You can enjoy your favorite websites; you can get your inquiries on search engines; you can email, and you can enjoy social networks. This is thanks to their compatibility with HTML5. In addition, they are capable of broadband internet on 3G networks. It is like having a computer that fits in your pocket.

You will definitely enjoy using these phones. They give you the power of computers in a much compact size. These are the advantages of Android phone.

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