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5 Best Android Tablet Transport Apps

A car is indeed your lifeline, but it also entails a lot of expenses for insurance, maintenance and aesthetic purposes. Nevertheless, there is a need to make your vehicle run more efficiently and use less fuel. Can your vehicle use less fuel while you pump the accelerator? Is there an effective way to help you cope with this dilemma, in light of the dropping economy? That said, you need something effective to work for you. Your Android tablet PC can download transport apps which allow you to monitor fuel consumption, check traffic updates and even look for cars you want to purchase. Not the thing you were expecting? It may not directly help you with your fuel expenses, but it helps you track your costs. Here is a list of the best transport apps for your Android-powered tablet:

1. Green EGear Save Gas

Save Gas with Green EGear. Having this Android app will make your car's fuel efficiency work much better. With its instant driving efficiency readout feature, you will be able to determine how many miles per gallon (MPG) your car is getting at the exact moment. This will guide you on how you can control the speed of your car so you can manage by decreasing its fuel consumption. Gas EGear works effectively on gas, diesel, hybrid, electric or LPG type of vehicle. It operates in miles or in kilometers. It also features a built in GPS monitor. The cost of Green EGear is $1.06 in the Android Market.

2. Fuel Economy Pro

As fuel prices are getting higher, you might want to find some useful ways on how to save gas. Fuel Economy is one Android transport app that can help you keep track of your fuel expenses during this time of high fuel costs. It can help you keep an update of your fuel mileage which you can record every time you fill up your car. You can also view data in miles per gallon (MPG), L/100k or km/L. Fuel Pro Android app costs $1.49.

3. Car Gallery

The Android app Car Gallery lets you access 100,000 car pictures of more than 90 brands of cars. This will allow you to find the right car you want to purchase. You can also watch full high-definition pictures and detailed classification of cars. It also features offline storage which continuously adds new cars, and is updated once a weekno downloading required. Car Gallery is a great program, which is free to download in the Android Market.

4. The Global Alert Network

If you want to know more about national traffic and weather alerts, Global Alert Network can provide you with this information. When this Android app is downloaded, it automatically broadcasts traffic and weather alerts to your Android device. With the traffic updates, you will be able to receive important information that will help you during travelling or driving. Global Alert also features more than 100 types of various weather forecasts. Global Alert Network is a free app.

5. Classic Cars

With Classic Cars, you will be able to track your car's fuel consumption and costs in mileage. This Android app allows you to do many things, like add and list transactions. You can also add any information you want about cars or transactions. It also features daily news updates about collectible cars as well as a useful loan calculator to help you plan for your next car purchase. Classic Cars costs $1.49.

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