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Why Android 2.2 Tablet is So Popular?

As we know, computer has evolved basically from desktop to laptop until the latest invention of a more compact computer which is the Tablet PC which has become a must-have tech product nowadays. Although iPad appeared to attract everybody's attention, Android tablet PC came out to have a great hit and is getting more and more popular. Why? Rright here are good reasons to let you know.

Cost-Effective Android 2.2 Tablet

The Android 2.2 tablet is a great deal more cost-effective than the iPad or a laptop. An iPad may cost you around $300 to $400 and a laptop computer will expense you a great deal far more. On the other hand, there are lots of android tablets that you buy from the market at much lower prices. For example, you can simply acquire China brand tablet PC running android OS in the $80 - $200 range that will offer you identical performance as the iPad. As a matter of fact, some android tablet pcs are actually more rapidly than the very common iPad.

Functional Android 2.1 Tablet

With an Android 2.1 tablet, you can edit documents in MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, read PDF file, and many application programs and provided with an internet browser. If you want a multi functional tablet PC then the best choice are the models that are running the Android OS because it is an open source it has more than 70,000 applications that you can download directly to you device. In addtion, the potent running technique of an android 2.3 tablet will make it easy for you to customize your themes, apps and visual appeal in accordance to your likes and dislikes.

Portable 7 inch Tablet PC

Most of the Android tablet PCs in the marketplace today are about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. The 7 inch tablet PC or 8 inch tablet PC just indicate that they can match incredibly effortlessly in your hands and also in the backpack. They are also quite light and will generally bodyweight just a small bit additional than a notebook.

On the whole this tablet, cheap tablet pc which will only cost you about or even lower than $100, is a bargain in the right hands. If you are looking for a good gift for a technologically inclined child then you should certainly consider the 7 inch Android 2.2 tablet which is a good choice at a fair price. For much more china prices, you may visit which offers price comparison a great variety android tablet pc as well as tablet pc accessories.

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