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Great Financial App - Bloomberg For iPad - aussiebattery

Let me start this look at Bloomberg for iPad app by talking about the news industry, because the Bloomberg news organization is not only emerging as one of the most important financial news outlets on the planet (remember, Bloomberg's core business is providing financial data to Wall Street and other traders). It's also one of the few major news organization of any type that has been adding reporters to its payroll in the last couple of years.

Why does that matter? Because there are great apps and there is a great content, and Bloomberg for iPad is one of those terrific combinations that bring both of those benefits. If you want to follow finances on your iPad, this is an app you'll want to download.

Bloomberg For iPad Great Financial Information App

Now that I've gushed a little bit, let's look at what you get with this app : Financial news, stock quotes, major indices from around the world, currency information, bond prices, the capability to track your stock portfolio.

Need more? Too bad, because you won't find it in one single app!

The home page of this app is divided up into five sections, as you'll see in the figure on the left below. You've got snapshot looks at Top News, Equity Indices, My Stocks, Currency, and then a block of large icons to access all of the app's major sections. Those icons are easy to read, but they take up a lot of space. Still, they make it easy to navigate the app.

Let's tap through to News page, which I think many users will use the most. There we get top stories divided into subsections of Worldwide, Most Read, Exclusive, Bonds, and Commodities. Some of those stories come with teaser graphics, but otherwise they include title, date, and how many minutes or hours old the story is. You can tap through on the little to read a story, or if you tap the section headers, you get taken to a page with additional stories that you can scroll through.

The My Stocks sections is the place for you to enter stocks you want to monitor; if you own those stocks, you can enter your position and purchase price to monitor their value in your portfolio. After you've done so, you get a nice snapshot view of those stocks. Tap through anywhere on a stock's display and you're taken to a detailed page complete with a large graph of the stock's performance (with thumbnails to change the view to one day, one months, and one year), as you can see in the figure on the right below.

If you've bought shares in a company at different times, you can add that stock more than once so you can keep track of the different positions and purchase price of your holdings.

Bloomberg For iPad Best Features

Great content, a great interface, timely news, podcast, etc.

Bloomberg For iPadWorst Features

I'd like the capability to customize the home page. The icons at the bottom are easy to read, but they're big, and I personally don't need all of them.

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