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Google TV, and your Android Apps

Lets say for now that New York Times is correct: Google TV is coming, and runs on Android. Let further assume that some, if not all, the Google TV(or TV set-top boxes) will allow third-party applications, Android, as opposed to routing everything through a web browser like Chrome. And may further assume that the article is correct, and developers will receive tools in the next few months, and the products may occur as soon as this summer.
What are you, the intrepid Android application developers, think of
First, think big as in the screenshot. Suffice it to say, it is expected to launch Google TV into something bigger than a 3.5 LCD. 35 LCD is probably closer. 720p(1280 720) and 1080p(19201080) seems to be supported display resolutions. Android will probably handle these are treated as the resolution of previous changes, and some auto-scaling, as well as the option to determine their own resources appropriately formatted(eg, res / layout-reallyfrakk inhuge ). still end up with more screen real estate than you ever thought possible can, and it is up to you to figure out what to do with it.
Then, I think in a low density. 37 1080p screen will have a lower density than the 27 1080p screen, which probably has a lower density than the monitor can see now, which certainly is less dense than the Android phone. Yes So, although you have many more pixels, each pixel will also be more physical space than before.
Next, think as far as the distance from the screen instructions. Most people using the smartphone will use the market conditions in most often nearer. Most people will be watching TV to watch on a commercial basis, at least, often more. Netto these first three points is that it will take some time to develop heuristics for what will look good on TV compared to looking good on the phone.
After thinking how the remote remote control. You have been spoiled by the general sports equipment Android touch scree ns, even if they were a mixture of resistive(stylus) and displacement(toe) styles. Most televisions are not touch screens, with the exception of some small children. It is rather unlikely that Google will offer a TV pilot, perhaps, such as those available in Neuros Link and the upcoming Boxee Box . Figure that users will use the trackball, or the arrow keys to navigate the application, as may use the D-pad or trackball on the phone. The good news is that you can get from working around today if it does not work automatically.
Then, according to the weak in terms of function can be used in Android devices. I doubt, TV set-top box will have a GPS, for example, so any code that assumes that your GPS location will have to be more flexible. Similarly, many of Googles TV set is likely to be a traditional lack of GSM / CDMA phone, SMS capability, and the like. Screen is likely to be significantly different, may in some models of cameras, etc. Android now set-top box may have other positive characteristics(eg, more space for applications), but some things that point the device in your pocket does not make sense for a device sitting at the TV.
Finally, rich think in terms of opportunities . Does Google have a TV or a third-party devices, Android set-top box offers new ways to distribute applications through the Android Market, through OEM deals mergers, etc. When these things become available , there are opportunities associated with existing applications, or other ideas you had to dig out that can work well on TV, maybe even worth it, to raise Link , or play with Boxee on your computer to see how the approach set-top box arena, in order to obtain other ideas.
In the meantime(Android), the world waits to see whether, in this case, the new New York Times was, in fact, suitable for printing.

Via: Google TV, and your Android Apps
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