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Ex-president of Google China Mobile to launch new Android OS Based on

Ex-president of Google China Kai-Fu Lee announced by Wall Street Journal intention launch a new mobile operating system based around Android. Option OS does not stray far from its source in the Android names, either, sticking with the theme of food, but theres a bit heartier than the dessert. OS called Tapas not only be a simple re-skinning of Android, the changes are made it seems hard to justify for a new OS.
Lee wants to add in software, which detects from the city of incoming calls, built-in touch with the sync of the Chinese social networks, music player and a lyrical collection. Yes, these things sound like applications may(i) the care, but OK. We are happy to see what else we can offer Tapas.
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Via: Ex-president of Google China Mobile to launch new Android OS Based on
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