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All you need to know about Mobile App development

The world will soon shift from laptops and computers to Smartphone. With over 350, 000 iPhone applications available, the exponential growth in mobile applications are undisputed. But, newly developed Android might soon take over with its 100,000 apps and more growing rapidly. Apps, taking advantage of high-tech like motion sensor, GPS and light sensor and interacting with hardware can give one a greater and more interactive experience than what one's PC would be able to.

Mobile App development

It is the process by which application software is developed for digital assistants or mobile phones. These applications may be pre-installed, or you may want to download it from various app stores, websites that provides mobile application software. Today, there are several mobile applications to choose from that cater to all kinds of mobile phone users.

iPhone app development

There are numerous iPhone apps available to choose from. Since 2009, from the time iPhone came into focus, apps has been developed by various software developers.

The high rated apps designed by Outware have often been featured in the international media and in the What's hot' section of iTunes.

iPad App development

iPad apps are more than just a bigger iPhone app. iPad app development require a specialized design specifically made for them and which also understands the way it works . An iPad app maybe combined with an iPhone app. The combination creates an application that works on both iPhone and iPad.

Outware Mobile's team, who has been working with iPad application development since its first release is always ready to turn an app from good to great.

Android App development

With more than 100,000 apps already available for Android, Outware realizes the potential that Android has and is currently developing more Android applications. Maintained by Google, Android operating system has overtaken Nokia's Symbian to take the position of world's best selling Smartphone.

Apps for Android and iPhone are not compatible because they are written in different language and have different user interface experience. Using tools for development like cross platform to cut the cost, by developing an app that can be used in both iOS and Android does not yield good result. Outware thus recommends in building custom apps for respective operating system.

Android apps development over other mobiles is a smart choice because it is simple. The multi-faceted platform is the greatest advantage of Android apps, as it can be used almost on all operating system. The publishers can easily publish it online facilitating easy downloads by the user. A no-fuss technology also allows it to have great application enabling features.

Custom App development

Although it gives you unique features, the way you choose, the cost is on the higher end. Custom Apps are designed for a specific function. Custom Application development allows you to have any design that you choose. If you like your phones to have applications that are unique to your phone alone, these are for you. However, time and cost are the major constraints.

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