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Android Phones Offer Greater Choice For Consumers

If you're searching for a brand new mobile phone, you'll likely find your self considering a mobile phone that runs one of two big smartphone operating systems. While you'd be happy with either, there are numerous advantages to deciding on a great Android cellphone.

One thing you observe when researching a brand new phone is the phone itself. In the event you opt for an iOS cellphone, there are basically a pair of possibilities. You may pick the current generation Apple iPhone 4 or perhaps the older iPhone 3GS. The choice here's quite simple, taking into account the majority would likely pick the more recent Apple iPhone 4. The specifications are usually enhanced across the board and saving $150 isn't enough to move to the older Apple iPhone.

When you consider Android based phones, there are loads options. To begin with, you aren't tied to just two US service providers. Both Sprint in addition to T-Mobile do not currently offer the apple iphone, however they do offer handsets running Google android. With the opportunity to shop all major carriers, you are not confined with your choices. In addition, you are not limited by a couple of devices. Each service offers a plethora of options. If you prefer a physical keyboard, you may select a Droid Pro that has a portrait keyboard or possibly a Droid 2 with a horizontal QWERTY keyboard. Users considering a 4G smartphone can look at the HTC EVO 3D or even the forthcoming Droid Bionic on Verizon. As a client, you have a range of options in terms of your own mobile phone alternative.

Since you now see there are way more choices from a hardware view, let's take a glance at why the operating system is definitely beneficial. Google's Android operating-system is basically open. Phones are expensive, consequently consumers must have the right to make modifications they want to the software. Apple frowns upon tweaks of iOS and in fact it voids your warranty. This is simply not the case with Google. They embrace open computing and in most cases help it become straightforward to achieve root access, enabling people to install custom ROM's and more. From the minute you turn on an Android phone, you will see the wide array of possibilities. It is possible to pimp out wallpapers including live wallpapers that will animate in the background. Google even allows you to install third party widgets for instance a clock, weather, stock plus much more. These aren't accessible in iOS.

When picking your next phone, you should think about both Apple's iphone 4 along with devices that run Google's Android OS. With the massive variety of devices, selection of carrier and software customization, there are various reasons to make Android your next phone.

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